Thursday, April 25, 2013

Write Like a Lover Ebook Cover by Iyza Wojnicki

Four years ago I designed this artwork at HOYA and my husband asked me for the permission to use it for his Write Like a Lover book cover.  I own the copyright to my artwork and whoever will use it without my prior permission will be persecuted!

by Iyza Wojnicki

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Writers and Lovers Studio ISBN!

An International Standard Book Number consists of 4 parts (if it is a 10 digit ISBN) or 5 parts (for a 13 digit ISBN):

ISBN is read from left to right starting with the first two digits as the group number. The second set of numbers is the Publisher number, then comes the Title number and lastly the check digit for the barcode.

Here's some Writers and Lovers Studio ISBN's:

WL Ebook ISBN's

Typhoon                             9789868836419
Lie Under the Fif Trees       9789868836433
Tea Room Haiga                9789868836440
Word Gains                       9789868836488 
Slopes of Lust                    9789868836457
Buddha Expats                   9789868836464

WL Book ISBN's

Typhoon                             978-986-88364-2-6

All our ISBN's have copyright and authorization by author.

ISBN stands for the International Standard Book Number which is a 10-digit number for book identification. This format was developed by the International Organization for Standardization & was published in the year 1970. From the year 2007, ISBN is a format that contains 13 digits which is compatible with Booklan EAN-13s. You can find more information here:

by Writers and Lovers Studio


Typhoon Paperback

A Haibunette with Life Drawings
Writers and Lovers Studio
Copyright by Tad Wojnicki©2013
Cover Design by Iyza Wojnicki
All rights reserved. Published 2013
Printed in Taiwan.

Typhoon: Taiwan Haiku and Life Drawings.
30 pages, 6” x  9”.  Price: US$9.00
1st Paperback Edition

Dr. Teddy and Dr. Cherry are old enough to keep a field trip professional. After all, she is sworn to a psycho scientist, while he is sworn to celibacy. Dropped in the torrid tropics of Taiwan, they manage well. No lines crossed. That is, until the typhoon hits, turning things topsy-turvy.

ISBN 978-986-88364-2-6(平裝).

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